React Radio Network

An innovative, turnkey approach to targeting the lucrative but elusive 25-54 age demographic that has been turning away from conventional programmed audio entertainment.

React Music

React is all about fun, energetic pop music from yesterday and today. The music library features a blend of well-tested current hits alongside chart-topping music from the audience’s formative years. The carefully programmed library creates a musical canvas that evokes strong, positive emotional responses in the hearts and minds of the audience.

React Personality

React’s audience is energetic and fun but also genuine and sophisticated. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but can be serious about important issues and world events. It’s into pop culture, but not consumed by it; music, movies, and entertainment is an important part of the React lifestyle, but the lifestyle isn’t defined by it.

React Social

React extends beyond the radio to a wide range of platforms to encourage ongoing engagement with the brand and its personalities. Properly implemented, your audience won’t just listen to React, they’ll live it.

Complete Turnkey Solution

React offers a complete turnkey solution to reach the lucrative but elusive 25-54 age demographic. Configurable as a full-service format with your local talent, voicetracked talent, or as a music-focused “jukebox” station, React is the perfect programming solution for primary signals or HD Radio® multicast channels.

Complete Programming Toolkit

Format clocks, music rotation plans, and proprietary imaging.

Talent Training and Management

Launch training for you and your staff as well as ongoing support as necessary.

Music Library

Carefully curated and researched music library and optional music scheduling services.

Sales Support

Turnkey sales and marketing presentations to help achieve revenue success.

Marketing & Promotion

Marketing strategy with a significant social component to achieve 24/7 engagement.

Ongoing Support

Ratings analysis, market visits, and regular contact with React consultants.

Powered by Experience

React is programmed and managed by experienced media industry professionals that understand the art of programming, the business of radio, and the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Rob Creighton

Rob Creighton is a broadcast manager with expertise in programming adult contemporary, classick rock, classic hits, and and hit music formats. Rob is adept at looking at the big picture and seeing where his stations need to go, what they need to do to get there, and leading them there. He specializes in creating active, creative, jump-out-of-the-speaker stations. Rob possesses extensive promotions and public service experience and is adept at coaching, managing, developing and teaching talent and off-air personnel.

Chris Reed

Chris Reed is a lawyer by training but remains a “radio guy” at heart. He is experienced in the business, financial, and legal side of broadcasting. He specializes in creating branded entertainment experiences that can be effectively applied across various platforms to maximize engagement and return on creative investment. His familiarity with the target demographic and the way in which the audience interacts with media helps guide the central philosophies of the React brand.

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